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On October 3, 2015 will take place the second Golden Lady Trophy of Luxembourg, a competition organized by the Danzsport Club RWB in collaboration with Eurodanse, supervised by the Luxembourg National Dance Council (affiliated to WDC).


Venue: Centre culturel Tramsschapp, 49a rue Ermesinde, L-1469 Luxembourg; underground parking: 300 places.


WDC adjudicators from at least 4 countries. Dancefloor: 12 X 19 m.

Tentative start time is 1 pm and tentative end time 9 pm. The final timetable with exact timing will be published 1 week before the competition on this website.

Entry fee (payable on the day of the competition) :

-          12 €/couple for one competition

-          6 €/couple for any additional competition.

Visitors ENTRANCE FEE (free seating): 6€ / person to be paid on the day of the competition. No reservations.


Adult (-30) : At least one partner less than 30 years in 2015.

Senior I (+30) : Both partners 30 years or older in 2015.

Senior II (+40) : Both partners 40 years or older in 2015.


Pre-Amateur (3 dances) : W,T,Q / CC,R,J

Amateur (4 dances) : W,T,SF, Q / S,CC,R,J

Superleague (5 dances) : W,T,VV,SF,Q / S,CC,R,P,J 

Dress rules

Pre-Amateur : No competition dress allowed

Amateur : Competition dress allowed

Superleague : Competition dress mandatory

Equivalences of categories with other countries

Pre-Amateur : Débutants, Espoirs (F) / Hobby (D) / D,C-classes (D)

Amateur : Aspirants, Nationaux (F) / Rising Star (D) / B,A-classes (D)

Superleague : Masterclass (B,NL) / Internationaux (F) / S-class (D)


DEADLINE for entries: September 18, 2015.



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