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Practical information for the competition

 Age groups: 

The age-group the couple is belonging to, is determined by the age of the youngest partner. 

Example: The couple is belonging to +30 (Senior I), if the youngest partner of the couple (man or lady) is at least 30 years old and less than 40 years on the day of the competition (29.09.2018). Younger couples will have to dance in the adult age-category (-30).

Each couple can register the age-group it is belonging to following the above mentioned rule and/or in the age category below (+30 couples can dance in adults -30. +40 couples can register in +30). Each couple can only register in maximum 2 age-groups.


Registration in 2 different categories:

If your national rules allow you to dance in a category above the level-category you are belonging to, you can register for a maximum of 2 level-categories.

Example: Pre-amateur couples can register for pre-amateur and amateur, if allowed by their national regulations.


Dress rules:

  • Pre-amateur: Stoned ballroom dress and tail suit not allowed
  • Amateur: Stoned ballroom dress and tail suit allowed but not mandatory
  • Masterclass: Ballroom dress and tail suit mandatory


Registration fees:

Registration fee for first competition: 25 €

Registration fee for additional competitions: 5€ each  


To register to the golden lady Trophy, please Click here.



A preferential rate will be arranged with Légère Hotel Luxembourg – 8,9 rating on booking.com. The hotel is 10 Min. drive away from the location of the competition.

Special rates with the booking code Danceclub RWB:

  • Single room:     80 € (including breakfast)
  • Double room:    90 € (including breakfast)

A printable form to book the hotel is available, please click here



Timetable will be published +- 1 week before the competition


Guided Tour of Luxembourg City

On Sunday morning, we will offer, a guided tour of Luxembourg city to all interested couples and their accompanying friends. It will be offered, free of charge, on a first come first serve basis. If interested, please register by ticking the box in the competition-registration form and provide the exact number of participating persons.